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April 01, 2015
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DataCake is a cloud-based platform for crunching your big data and making beautiful visualizations. Want to get more utility out of your Google Analytics? Cool, we got you. Want to clean up that .csv file and chart column 1 vs column 2 and then drop it into your slideshow? No problem. Need to scrape a webpage, do some nifty logistical regression, and save all that to your local machine? You know what the answer is. With DataCake, YOU are teh data scientist.

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We are a Colorado-registered teacher placement company that works with schools around the world, especially China and Korea (also Turkey, Brazil, and Vietnam). We have 8 years of experience in the ESL market in Asia and we place certified and non-certified teachers at international, private, and public schools, as well as SAT test prep and ESL learning centers.

Meet the Organizers

Chris J Snook @chrisjsnook

Entrepreneur | Author | Venture Catalyst. Co-Founder Launch Haus; Chair and Co-Organizer of Fort Collins Startup Week

Lee Porter

Lee Porter is publisher of InnovatioNews.com, an online news magazine covering the Colorado innovation ecosystem. The publication has featured nearly 2000 stories about companies, organizations and entrepreneurial events in Colorado.

McCabe Callahan

McCabe Callahan is co-founder and CEO of Community Funded Enterprises. Callahan is a passionate entrepreneur and the founder, owner, and operator of Mugs Coffee Lounge. 

Tom Maynard @1MillionCupsNCO

WHO I AM - Client focused Global Project and Program Manager with broad IT experience and expertise in leadership, programs and project management, innovation, process re-engineering, problem solving, quality, continual improvement, remote management of virtual international teams, organizational transformation and launch of ground floor initiatives.

Will Hickey

Past Organizers
Beth Flowers
Mike OConnell

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An online media platform covering innovation across the Front Range and Western slope of Colorado

Launch Haus catalyzes early stage innovation and entrepreneurship, provides community programming, boutique BNB accomodations, and invests and mentors startups nationally and in Northern Colorado

Community through Coffee (serving Fort Collins CO since 2002)

Past Presenters

Judith K Hamman LLC


Coaching business

Flowh Connects the Internet of Events with People "We fix the Web Calendar World" Three elements: Lifestyle Calendar - Social media calendar in the style of Twitter All that is expected from a world class social media platform Event Commerce - Leverage calendars for marketing and community Reach, engage, and stay connected with the audience Personal Sourcing - Follow any web calendar with a single click No more cut/paste, re-entry, or complex syncing www.flowh.com/1millioncupsCO

Streamline Studio


Commercial video production and still photography



Janska, where style and comfort are at the heart of everything we do! With our elegant fabrics, classic designs and energizing colors we create clothing that looks and feels good. Janska started with a simple dream of one jacket to help a friend live with dignity, comfort and ease. The company has grown to include five unique collections of women’s outerwear and accessories found in over 900 specialty fashion boutiques and several catalogs across the US and Canada. Janska is committed to USA manufacturing.

Animal Diversity Web


ADW will transform the nature education and outreach market by giving parks and zoos of any size and anywhere the tools to create customized outreach materials, including professional mobile guides.

Athletic Interpretations


Our focus is to enable all athletes with detailed metrics for success that will make them champions.



Purenfusion is a food company committed to helping people reclaim and maintain their health with real food! Today’s food culture revolves around convenience, and unfortunately that often translates to highly processed, unnatural options. We are here to reverse that trend while keeping the convenience. With our first product, Pure Dotz, we take fresh vegetables like kale, chard, and bok choy, then puree and freeze them into pieces to lock in freshness. Stored in the freezer, Dotz stand ready to be used as nutritious additions to smoothies, soups, sauces etc. No washing. No chopping. No excuses.



A sweet spin on eGifting. We are changing the way people send gifts. With Suarwish, you send an eCard letting them know they have received a sweet gift and then receiver picks what candy they would like to receive. Sweet Happiness. Delivered.

Ibotta is a technology company building tools to empower consumers and simplify their daily lives. We've done this by completely reimagining the way consumers learn about and interact with their favorite brands. The result is a mobile experience that replaces couponing with fun game-like interactions giving consumers what they actually want: rebates redeemable in all major retailers, and real cash rewards instead of credit or points.

Junior Achievement - Rocky Mountain, Inc.


Junior Achievement’s mission is to prepare young people to thrive in the 21st century workplace and global economy by inspiring a passion for free enterprise and entrepreneurship, and instilling an understanding of personal financial literacy. We power our local economic future by reaching students in grades K -12 through business volunteers and JA’s engaging curriculum that focuses on financial literacy, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship.

Blue Star Recyclers


Blue Star Recyclers is a social enterprise with a mission of providing ethical recycling to create jobs for people with autism and other disabilities.



ShareLingo is a social enterprise that believes in connecting communities through language. We do this by offering outreach in the form of classes with 5 native speakers of both Spanish and English. We believe that through the medium of language, we can help break down barriers such as fear of embarrassment, location, motivation, technology, and cost, to create a more unified and accepting society. We have a goal of having one million students, and of taking our language classes national, then global!

BlueIron IP


BlueIron finances patents for startups and midsize companies, giving you better and faster patent protection than you can get at any law firm - but at an affordable monthly payment.

Media Leash


The battlegrounds over video games between kids and parents has been ongoing for decades. Currently parent's are losing - Media Leash is looking to change that with simple and transparent technology to keep kids lives a bit more balanced.

Vortic Watches


A start-up company focused on creating innovative, American made watches and watch accessories. Started by four Penn State University students, Vortic Watches has multiple patents pending regarding watch bands and watch cases. Vortic is based in Fort Collins, Colorado building custom made watches and designing the future of wrist wear.

Mad Genius Radio


Truly Personalized Radio

Phillip Hernandez, Agent, New York Life


I offer life insurance and financial services for families and businesses through New york Life

Z Ultimate Self Defense Studios

Znoco.com, Zultimate.com

Personalized martial arts for professionals and individuals of all ages.

College Press Club


College newspapers are the most widely read news source amongst the 20+ million college students in the U.S., more than half of them read every single issue. Ads in college newspapers perform about twice as well as ads in traditional print at prices comparable to ads online. Before College Press Club, advertisers had to call and contract with a student at every paper they wanted to be in. Our automated buying platform makes it easy to buy and manage ads in college newspapers.



Snipcart is a developer-centric e-commerce solution that lets developers add a fully customizable, extensive shopping cart platform to any website with a single line of code. We connect to existing payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. Without ever leaving the website, customers can go through the checkout process in a mobile friendly environment. Store owners can manage all of their sales, products and discounts directly through Snipcart’s administration dashboard or through our API.

V3 Media Marketing


V3 Media Marketing produces high-quality, highly-engaging video marketing content to help companies raise awareness and generate sales for their products and services.



EdgeRocket offers a new and dramatically better way for companies to provide online learning for their employees. Based on a saas model, the EdgeRocket web application allows employees to identify and access great learning resources (such as online courses, videos or articles) so they can build knowledge and skills, and track their learning accomplishments. EdgeRocket also provides social learning tools and administration functionality for company managers.

Innovative Investments Inc.


Innovative Investments Inc. (referred to as "The Parent Company") of which is, a multi-project startup entity. The parent will provide the sales of our Work Cafe' Studio/MTS 4 Rents Region Franchise. The parent will leverage its mission, of (1) "To bring cost-effective solid waste reduction through pay-by-weight waste collection into municipalities and rural areas worldwide." (2) "Providing affordable Green-Smart home ownership & Tool Rental of those priced out of the current housing market"

Huber's House LLC


Research, design, patent s Molding devices



BillTrack50 tracks legislation from all 50 states and Congress. Searching is free and unlimited. Tracking services are available to our subscribers

Inteum Company


We are the market leaders in the IP management and technology transfer software industry primarily serving the academic sector. For 22 years we have been providing innovative software and services to 400 customers in 22 countries. In upcoming months, we will be introducing a new product line and growing a team around that effort to provide SaaS and services to SMEs.

We are building a B2B business intelligence platform for small and medium businesses. “Ben” calculates a 2.0 credit score via our advanced algorithm to more fairly depict a company’s image by today’s standards.



geekrowd loves social, so we have built the first Social Platform that is agnostic to what device, language, or thing you love. The best part is, we built it for you! No more do you have to worry about: where am I gonna host, what technologies am I gonna use, how am I gonna scale when I get my first million users. We figured that out for you!

Performa is a concept start-up that tracks athletic history, records, performance and activity for the everyday athlete and coach. With use of athletic identification numbers (AINs) given to athletes and coaches, Performa allows users to register and create a transferable athletic record profile regardless of age, sport, level or location. Manage. Monitor. Connect. Engage.



Schmack is an iOS app that standardizes the platform of the "Confessions" Facebook pages that have materialized at nearly every major university across the US. The app enables a student to post text or picture to their college feed in real-time either anonymously or as themselves. Students can also "schmack talk" to other university feeds for a .99 option. It is set apart from other anonymous sharing apps by being niche to the user and enables sharing either anonymously or not.



Yonomi is a mobile app and Cloud service that simplifies and automates consumers’ interactions with connected devices such as Sonos, Nest, FitBit and Philips Hue. Unlike multi-radio hub based solutions such as SmartThings, Yonomi creates powerful automation and coordination capabilities without the need for a bespoke hardware controller. Instead, it leverages the inherent power of the pervasive smart phones and tablets already in the home as a means to relay messages to other devices.

Year Of Yes


Year of Yes is a Law of Attraction focused business development and personal coaching business. Tracee's belief is that if you really step into your souls purpose your business and life will be successful. Tracee coaches individuals to truly step into their life's purpose and create their dreams in business and life.

IT Liquidators


IT Liquidators is a nationwide buyer of surplus corporate IT equipment, specializing in IT asset recovery and advocating reuse as a sustainable model for decommissioned technology. Instead of paying to have equipment hauled away, we purchase it. All systems are wiped of confidential data with our certified data destruction process. We only partner with R2 and e-Stewards certified recycling facilities; this means zero landfill disposal, and the highest commitment to environmental stewardship.

CY3D Printing


CY3D Printing is a new 3D printing service in Fort Collins. This isn't like any "maker-space" you've seen because of the high-quality parts, fast delivery speed and professional service.CY3D Printing uses the ProX-500 Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) production printer. This new machine produces tough nylon parts that are smooth, line free, much stronger than ABS plastic, and suitable for end-use in manufacturing & prototyping.

Locals Love Us


Locals Love Us is a group of people who believe that there is a lot to love in every community, but that it’s not always easy to find. Our world of constant negative news and online attacks can cause us to lose sight of what we really love about where we live. Our passion is to sift through the noise, discover what the locals love and then let everyone know about it. We call it sharing the love.

Rising Artist Mentorship Program


RAMP coordinates and mentors junior broadcasters to produce professional quality interviews, as well as giving local emerging musicians the opportunity to be heard locally and internationally.

Unite for Literacy


Our Vision is Picture Book Abundancegirl-illustrated-small We picture a world where all children have access to an abundance of books that celebrate their languages and cultures. We create picture book abundance by employing the convenience of digital technology and the power of community-based funding to put books in every home. Our Business Model Unites the Community We are a social enterprise company that brings private-sector cause marketing together with public and civic organization’s efforts to eliminate illiteracy at a community, state, national and global scale. Our innovative pricing and publishing models create new roles for corporations, cultural institutions and civic groups to play in solving this significant social issue.



P2Binvestor is the first and only social funding platform for receivables-backed lines of credit. We provide small businesses with necessary working capital by crowdfunding their receivables to investors on our website. P2Binvestor is disrupting the 136 billion dollar receivables finance market. Our platform is making it easier and more efficient for small businesses to get the working capital they need to grow.



InnovatioNews is a publishing company focused on telling stories of innovation in Colorado. We publish an online news website that is updated daily with digest newsletters published daily and weekly.



EHarmony / Match.Com for Employers Cultural Assessments Career Life Planning Employee engagement and retention tools

Dregalla Medical Technologies LLC


The medical technology industry promises to make advancements which will improve human life, and high-impact companies, capable of delivering solutions to previously unmet medical needs, offer significant potential for profit to shareholders. The founders of Dregalla Medical Technologies, LLC have identified a chronic problem in the wound healing field and have engineered a solution to improve both clinical outcomes and patient quality of life following injury by blocking scar tissue formation.

Community Funded


A social funding and collaboration platform designed to exchange resources to support ideas and impact community.

MotherShip Technologies


Your Local Connection LLC


Your Local Connection (YLC) works with manufacturing companies to understand the total cost of their manufacturing operations and sourcing locations (capturing all incidental costs such as freight, tariffs and regulatory compliance). Then YLC looks at alternative manufacturing locations and suppliers closer to customer markets to reduce lead time, operational and inventory costs. YLC also works with start ups to scale manufacturing efforts from beginning phases to world-class, enterprise scale operations.

BAUS Tech is a drone service providing company. Our fleet of aerial drones can offer a birds-eye-view advantage that can help customers and businesses alike. We currently specialize in aerial photography but we are researching a number of other custom applications including: agriculture, real-estate, mapping, search&rescue, inspection, and delivery.

CDP Innovation’s product, SnapSurance is a home inventory system that uses a cloud-based interface system with smart phone/smart device app capabilities.  SnapSurance uses UPC codes of home products and the camera system of smart devises to scan the UPC and then SnapSurance categorizes, catalogs, and stores information about insured items.  The information is securely stored in the cloud where it is accessible anywhere there is internet service.  This creates a highly accurate record of belongings that can be used at any time and can be directly linked to an insurance company’s database.

The Silver Seed


The Silver Seed is the newest addition to the rapidly evolving food truck dining scene in Fort Collins. Coming May 2014, The Silver Seed stands apart with its strong connection to local farms and CSAs in the Northern Colorado area, supporting intense focus on providing healthy and delicious nourishment to our community. Owners, Taylor Smith and Melanie Boyna, have a combined 14 years of experience in the service industry giving this duo an edge in understanding the in’s and out’s of both back-of-house and front-of-house operations.

Go Code Awesome


The app formally known as Beacon helps your business find the best place to call home by producing a single score based on a comprehensive evaluation of factors and public data. GCA was a finalist from the Go Code Colorado challenge weekend in Fort Collins.

Next Generation Systems, LLC


Next Generation Systems (NGS) is a start-up company that is developing a product that gives parents and teachers better ways to teach English grammar. It’s called WordParts and will soon be available for home and school use. The cornerstone of our solution is the use of 3-D shapes to represent parts of speech. This uniqueness is found in our physical kits and software APPs that provide a complete toolkit for the teaching of English grammar.

Service Excellence Partners


We help cloud computing companies increase customer loyalty and business performance.

The Scoop Blog Network


The Scoop Blog Network is developing hyper-local niche blog content to help residents discover lifestyle aspects of Fort Collins.

Living Ink Technologies LLC


Living Ink Technologies has developed a patent pending living ink process using algae to create a more unique and sustainable world. The living ink has many applications, but the initial product is a time-lapse greeting card where the ink forms by harnessing carbon dioxide and sunlight.

Fort Collins Startup Week


Fort Collins Startup Week is a celebration of everything entrepreneurial in Northern Colorado from leading edge tech to social innovation, maker labs to music, tasty hops to leaps in bioscience, and some of the coolest and quirkiest main street establishments anywhere in the country. Fort Collins has a rich 150 year history grounded by innovation and inspired by entrepreneurial successes. This week will celebrate that rich history and the exciting future that NoCo will play a critical role in leading the world into in the years to come. The event will crescendo with the inaugural Blue Ocean Enterprise Challenge which is the world's largest prize ($250k) business pitch competition! The event is intended to unite the entrepreneurial community across the Front Range of Colorado and will celebrate the great companies, people, innovation and ideas happening in our city and state. Enjoy several tracks including - Capital Access, Design & Creation, Talent, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, & Public Policy. Events include sessions, presentations, panels, workshops, happy hours, social events, job fairs, bike races, phenomenal beer, music, and much more.

College PediCab Tours LLC


College Pedi Cabs is a sustainable tourism company that is designed to help colleges sell their most under utilized asset, the city they are located. Many colleges lack the resources to show potential students the city around the campus and help them understand how the University and the city help each other. These students get the opportunity to experience the city culture first hand and get to see where all of the popular destinations are in town. College Pedi Cabs use start of the art cabs that place students and their families in front of the driver instead of having them behind the driver. This gives them the benefit of being able to see 360 degrees and have our drivers be able to communicate with them easier. The cabs are also equipped with electric assist engines that allow the bikes to travel quickly and put less strain on the driver. The engines also capture the kinetic energy of the biker while they are pedaling creating for energy for the bike.. This 100% electric engine is the first of its kind to be place on a pedi cab.

IDIAS-BioEnergy, LLC


waste to energy

Fargreen is a social enterprise selling socially responsible, eco-friendly, high quality mushrooms produced by rural farmers in Vietnam. Fargreen exists with the mission of using entrepreneurship as the tool to solve social and environmental problems.



InteliVideo provide an eCommerce payment platform for digital assets. We help people who have educational content. We make sure the proper parties are paid that the video is protected and distributed to customers.

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